Calling coeliacs… what would you like in a book on CD?

I am writing a book about coeliac disease. It is aimed at several groups of people:

a/ those who suspect they may have the condition and want to find out more about it;
b/ adults or parents of children who have recently been diagnosed with the disease, and need a supportive, practical guide and reference book;
c/ long established coeliac patients and their families, who are interested in learning more about the more recent developments in coeliac disease, and how these may effect them.

It will be published by Sheldon Press (the publisher of two of my previous books on food intolerance and food allergy) in around February 2011. Before that, I’m looking for help from coeliacs...

What would you like to read in a book about coeliac disease? Which questions would you like answered? What useful resources would you like included? Would you like more information on diet, nutrition, health issues, emotional health, children’s health, treatments, or something else?

Also: what don’t you want to read about? Complicated descriptions of villi in the bowel eroding? Detailed medical blood testing? Is there anything in coeliac world which goes over your head and you feel you don’t need to know?

Obviously, I’d like to produce a book coeliacs would like to read and which can help them. Over the coming month, I’ll be interviewing coeliacs, gastros and other coeliac experts who’ve volunteered to give up their time to chat to me, but I’d like to open up the question to as many coeliacs out there as possible – particularly from UK and Ireland, at whom the book is primarily aimed - as input and feedback is something of which we health writers receive so little.

Would love to hear your thoughts through the comment function. And if you have any questions for me (or indeed the experts) let me know too. If you prefer to contact me privately, try emailing me through my personal website. Thanks!

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