Coeliac and Gluten Free Tweetup, 2nd June 2011 - a summary of points

Well I thought it went pretty well – and others appeared to enjoy it too. Around 30 or so coeliac and gluten-free tweeters – and a few stray ‘wheaties’ like myself – joined in for an hour of 140-character chat. This is quick and rough as I’m up to my neck, but here is a quick summary:

We kicked off talking about the recent coeliac awareness week, the gluten free challenge in May, and the coverage of both in the media.

* Ruth at WhatAllergy thought there was good coverage – but pointed out that it’s only a week and then it all *stops* for another year;
* Annie of Supper Club fame thought there was more mainstream coverage this year, but that a more ‘national presence’ to the challenge would have been good – as would some supermarket involvement;
* Dale (Manawydan) suggested supermarket involvement may be difficult to secure, as it’s tough enough getting them to stock a decent selection of GF – vegetarians are better catered for, he pointed out – and later added that we need to be more vocal about the need for more selection in supermarkets;
* Foodamentalists said it can be ‘talking to a brick wall’ when approaching supermarkets…;
* Tatooinechick wanted more recognised brands stocked. She said Asda are now doing own-brand GF – but she wanted to see more Doves Farm available;
* Annie would’ve liked to see a TV cookery show to coincide with coeliac awareness week;
* Nicola, as a dietitian, pointed out the value of doing the gluten free challenge for those with coeliac patients – ‘a great insight’ she called it.
* Musntgrumble made the point that we should all ask about GF, wherever we are. It all helps to raise awareness.

The issue of cookery demos was raised, and this is a topic we can perhaps revisit next time:

* Foodamentalists expressed an interest in this.
* Annie mooted the idea of a ‘roadshow’
* Charlotte at GoFreeCakes said she does a number of demos around the country
* Caroline at Sugargrain would like to do some in London – and has some plans she will let us know about soon.

There were assorted tips and points:

* Leon Restaurants – recommended in London
* Bruschetta – Kingston gluten free restaurant, also recommended
* Here is a useful Facebook gluten free chip shop page;
* The CUK AGM was mentioned – look up Foodamentalists if you’re going!
* Annie mooted a gluten free takeaway night…
* GFDoctor warned a little cryptically about agave… In the dark about this one, but may look into it. Perhaps Michelle at Foods Matter may know a little more?

Overall, most posters seemed keen for another one, and I suggested perhaps July or August. Hopefully, there were other ‘lurkers’ who followed the stream and will join in next time. Happy to hear your thoughts on future topics, timings, dates, how to spread the word etc etc. Sorry if I missed out any really good tips or observations last night. Feel free to add them to comments. I think Ruth may be looking into making a PDF of all the tweets – or some other collection of the stream? If anyone has ideas on this front, by all means add a comment.

Thanks again all who joined and contributed - I enjoyed it and found it useful too.

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