Surprising foods and drinks which may contain gluten?

This is a list of foods and drinks that coeliacs sent me via Twitter in response to the question in the title.

Other than the obvious - ordinary breads, pastas, cakes, biscuits, cereals - there are always less clear-cut examples - such as stock cubes, soy sauce, condiments, chewing gum, confectionary - which newly diagnosed coeliacs may miss.

And sometimes there are especially surprising examples of products containing gluten, which surprise us all ...

Some of these products will only rarely contain gluten, and my intention in including them isn't to alarm you or damage your confidence in food.

Obviously, the sensible thing to do is to check all labels, always. Remember too that seeing 'wheat' in the ingredients usually, but does not necessarily, imply 'contains gluten'. (Some wheat ingredients, such as Codex wheat starch and wheat glucose syrup, are gluten free. There is much more on understanding gluten on food labelling in my book, Coeliac Disease: what you need to know.)

Feel free to add more in comments - and please add any clarifications where there's doubt.

* Apple juice (and once an orange juice) – Linda said this was a problem with cheaper brands, at least in the Middle East, in which caramel colouring had been added. Also French fries and sorbets.
* Soya sauce - Karen. (Tamari is gluten free - try Meridian's or Clearspring Organic's)

* Sauces (tomato / brown) and crisps – Bob. (For a list of gluten free crisps in the UK and US, click here.)

* White chocolate 'mice', macaroons, meringues, ice cream, mayonnaise, and hot chocolate – Louise

* Bowl of mixed salad – Laura. (Possibly a manufacturing method issue, but beware croutons / thickened salad dressings in ready made salads.)

* Wheat dextrose on meats, and burgers – Elaine.

* Popping corn – Gemma.

* Wheatgrass – SB. In a pure state, wheatgrass is gluten-free - both Naturya Wheatgrass Powder and Pink Sun Organic Wheatgrass Powder are gluten free. But SB said that samples may test positive ‘because you cannot guarantee that seed heads haven’t formed before harvest.’ SB added: ‘If you talk to any reputable cereal chemist in the United States they highly discourage consumption unless you grow your own.’ Here's a blog on GF wheatgrass powders.

* Licorice – Jodi. (Orgran Licorice is gluten free.)

* Blue cheese (due to mouldy bread used to ‘infect’ the curds?) - Jodi again

* Frozen chips and cola – Frugal Wife. (Cola, I'm guessing, has barley malt colouring / flavouring.)

* A brand of green kiwi juice – Kirsty. I’m shocked by this one too. Kirsty couldn't remember the brand, but if anyone knows, please comment.

* Fruit bars - Bunmi. (Nakd bars are gluten free.)

* Risotto / rice dishes, mash potato, smoothies, colas, coffee whitener, roast potatoes, grated cheese, garlic sausage - an amazing list from David.

* Cream cheese - a cheaper brand, says Caleigh. (Thickened with wheat starch, I imagine.)

* Cooking chocolate - Saara, captured here, in all its inglory.

I’m very grateful to all who responded to my original request. Please add others in comments below.

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