Muffs and More at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair

A quick round-up of some new free-from – mainly gluten free – products I spotted at the annual Speciality & Fine Food Fair yesterday.

Inka Snacks’ Salted Amazon Plantain Chips
Look like banana chips, but ‘banana’s big brother’ as Mariana, the Peruvian MD of Inka Snacks, described them to me, these are far less sweet, and nicely savoury and moreish. Gluten free – and made in a nut-free environment. They also produce salted roasted giant corn, in original and chilli flavours, which you can buy singly or in bulk from Amazon.

Coconut Chilli’s South Indian one-pot meals
Didn’t taste, but looked a bit different: lamb and black pepper keema meatballs, cardamom scented chicken, shrimp and coconut milk korma, and root vegetable, mooli and lentil sambhar – in snack and ‘man’ size. All come with basmatti rice and mixed garnishes. Gluten-free. For microwave. Currently only available in Bristol area.

Sowan’s GF bread / brownie mixes
An Irish brand, not currently distributed in the UK.

The Big Banana Bread Co’s GF Banana Bread
Rich, moist, delicious – albeit heftily calorific. Comes in wrapped slices or family-sized loaves, with both gluten-y and gluten-free versions. Really good. Preferred it ‘raw’ to toasted. 

Yi Iced Allergen-Free Desserts
I may have mentioned these before, but they’re coconut-based desserts and a raspberry sorbet which are free from all 14 of the declarable food allergens. Coconut and Wasabi Ripple, anyone?

Falafels Savoury Bites
These bites are made from broad beans, swiss chard, dill, coriander, garlic, onion, salt and vegetable oil only – gluten-free and vegetarian, they do have a 'cannot guarantee' nuts warning, but otherwise seem free of the declarables. Better dipped into something – hummous or tzatziki – but tasty.

Natasha’s Raw and Living Foods
Irish-based company, whose products are only currently available in Dublin, who produce crackers, dips, nibbles and confectionary.

Rude Health GF Oat Drink
Maybe this news was already out there, but it hadn’t reached these ears. Rude Health recently made their oat drink gluten-free – a first in the country. (As I understand it, Oatly tests at levels which would qualify as low gluten, but not gluten free.) Good to see.

And finally … Cambridge Muffin Company’s Amaizing Muffs
Ahem! These savoury muffins are made with Doves GF flour and polenta and come in a selection of good flavours – jalapeno, curry, chilli and chorizo, walnut and blue cheese, cheese and sundried tomato, and ‘brunch’. Flavours are quite subtle in the ones I tried, but think these could be a success, as free-from’ers need more savoury snacks.