What Djokovic Says; What Djokovic Does

What Djokovic says

Extracted from Serve to Win, by Novak Djokovic:

“… when you think of foods that spike your insulin, you generally think of sugary foods: candy, ice cream, honey or cookies … such foods raise your blood sugar and trigger an insulin in response”

“I avoid all insulin spikers, and that means not just wheat, but also sugars and sugary products”

“I’m able to avoid gluten, sugary foods and dairy easily”

What Djokovic does

Advertise cookies. Click here for the evidence. And here for more. These cookies by C
éréal in Belgium contain 30% sugar, the first ingredient, not to mention 26% fat, presumably mostly from the second ingredient in the cookies – which is palm oil.

And here's a new video for Gerblé Sans Gluten, in which he is shown eating a rice biscuit before taking to court.

You can also see him here, holding both a tennis racket and some biscuits, because they naturally go hand-in-hand.

Wonder who will snap him in the UK?