Energy healing: an instant food allergy cure?

So this came in yesterday: 

Hi Alex, 

I read your blog on food allergies. I teach energy healing, and I have worked out a way to harmonise the threat of a potential allergen, so that the body no longer reacts. The treatment is instant, the results can be easily seen straight away with kinesiology, or indeed by consuming the foodstuff. 

I was wondering if you would be interested in writing a first person article on this in exchange for the treatment?  

For more info please refer to my website, and specifically this page on allergy desensitisation. 

Kind regards,

My response, lightly edited to avoid identification, was this:

Hi Name,   

Thanks for writing. I'm not sure you can read my blog that closely as I don't have food allergies and I consider kinesiology fanciful and unproven. 

There is no cure - not quick nor slow - for food allergy - although there are some long desensitisation protocols which seem promising in trials - and the promise on your website to make patients allergies' 'vanish ... ' is potentially dangerous. Allergy is not a failure of the body to recognise a substance's  'energy' as you say - the immune system recognises allergens as potential threats, and reacts accordingly. 

Please would you consider removing this material from your site? I would also like to put you in touch with an allergist or immunologist who can explain what allergies actually are, and that they cannot be treated using the practices you describe.    

I look forward to hearing from you.   

Alex Gazzola.

To the person's credit, they are willing to consult with an allergist and even demonstrate their work. 

I don't want this to be a Twitter witch hunt, and I am not going to put the individual's name online. I also hope bloggers who may have received the same letter as I avoid doing so too. But it is to me alarming that the practitioner appears prepared to treat allergic individuals and then encourage them to consume a food to demonstrate their allergy has been successfully treated. 

If there is an allergist - or allergy charity? - willing to engage with the individual concerned, please email me via the contact me icon at my website

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