Diabetic chocolate is not gluten free bread

I have just read what is in my view a fairly ignorant piece by Merryn Somerset Webb, editor in chief of Moneyweek. It’s here.

Her view, also expressed on Twitter, is that coeliacs should no more get gluten-free food on prescription than diabetics should get sugar-free chocolate.

I would have posted comments to the blog but the terms and conditions of the site are to me as obnoxious as the piece itself. (I would strongly urge you to avoid it too – as it seems you agree to any legal liabilities arising from your comment whilst ceding copyright in it.)

I don’t have time to get too angry today, or for a long post, but I will say this: to compare diabetes / sugar-free food with coeliacs / gluten-free food is absurd. First, diabetics don’t need to avoid sugar, and second, bread is a staple, while chocolate is not.

Research shows prescription foods help coeliacs stick to their strict diet – preventing ill health in the long run. This is just one reason why it is so important.

The writer calls ‘free from’ food ‘generally pretty disgusting’ – but I suspect she hasn’t tasted much lately, as the quality has risen remarkably in recent years – so much so that the industry now has its own awards.

Insulting to ‘free from’ producers, then, and apparent lack of sympathy towards coeliacs, to boot. Way to go.

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