Gluten free cosmetics

There is no evidence to suggest that gluten in beauty products can penetrate the skin, enter the bloodstream, and cause problems for people with coeliac disease.

However, when wheat is found in skincare, it's usually 'broken down' gluten - or wheat peptides - which are used, and these are considerably smaller molecules. Smaller molecules cross the skin's barrier with greater ease than larger ones, and although again there is no evidence to suggest this is a problem for coeliacs, we do know that people with wheat allergy can and do react to wheat peptides in cosmetics - see this study, for example.

Other than through skin penetration, some are understandably concerned by lip balms, lipsticks, eye make-up and shampoo - either inadvertently being swallowed or running into the eyes and somehow being absorbed by the system. Again, there is no evidence suggesting that this is a problem, but the research does not appear to have been conducted, and many are understandably cautious and wary - and want to avoid all forms of possible contamination or risk.

Spotting gluten in skincare
Rye or barley are exceptionally rare in cosmetics, but wheat and oat are common.

Look out for Latin names in ingredients - triticum vulgare (wheat) or avena sativa (oat).

They typically appear in hair care products (wheat), therapeutic skin creams (oat, especially), make-up and bath soaks, but can crop up in many types of cosmetic.

Gluten Free Beauty
Here are some brands which are entirely gluten free.

Afterglow Cosmetics
American certified gluten-free make-up.

Dr Bronner
Wide range of cosmetics, including their well known liquid soaps, which are not only gluten free, but also nut free, dairy free and soya free. This includes their almond scented products, as the fragrance is derived from cassia, not almond.

Green People
Their hair products used to contain wheat, but have now been reformulated to be gluten-free, as have their facial oils. Adult products are sesame free, and all products are peanut free, too.

Dedicated guaranteed gluten-free range, including facial skincare, body wash and shampoo / conditioner.

High-tolerance, low-reaction makeup with excellent 'free from' qualities - not only gluten, but also peanuts, milk and preservatives parabens, methylisothiazolinone and phenoxyethanol.

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