Coeliac Twitter Chat, 6th August

Right, short notice I know, but Monday 6th August at 8-9pm will be the next coeliac and gluten-free live tweet chat.

Let’s have a new hashtag – #cdchat – which is shorter, leaving more characters free, and doesn’t imply it’s a live meet-up!

For those new to such twitter chats, you just need to include that hashtag with every message you post, and follow it – essentially by clicking on it, and then updating it – to see all messages posted and follow the stream. Don’t worry – you’ll pick it up.

As before, I'll kick us off with a question or two on the night – but by all means DM me on Twitter or email me through my website if you want to put forward a 'starter for ten'... And then towards the end of the hour we can open the floor to less structured chat and other matters which are brought up on the night.

Those of you on Facebook may want to spread the word there. Obviously, let's spread the word on Twitter too – and I'll issue reminders in the run-up.

I'll add any important updates to this thread over the coming days (eg in the event of Twitter overload on the night) and if you have any thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment.

If you’ve not taken part before, there are write-ups here, so hopefully you can see how useful and interesting they can be.

It’s been a year since the last one!